What is QuickBase?


Most corporations have armies of people working on spreadsheets, word processors and shared drives, relying on email to help them communicate and collaborate. Some even do purchase point solution software like project management software, functional specific programs and off-the-shelf “collaboration” tools but most often those don’t really allow people to work exactly the way they really need to and we end up with “workarounds”. Larger companies even invest millions in so called ERP systems that promise to Integrate everything, a noble goal, but often they are so big and inflexible that again we fall back to the office products and workarounds to get by.

But what about smaller companies? Or frontline teams within big companies, where people want hyper flexible software that works they way they want to work. Tech savvy people just know that the status quo is not good enough, they want the ease of cloud-based tools, with customizable workflows, document handling, task management , self-service reporting, good security, etc.. Those dreamers are not alone and they know that they need solutions that allows them to start small, flexible enough to keep up with an ever-changing process but then powerful enough to grow with them?

Too good to be true you might be thinking, but no, the truth is that this has been happening quietly across the world in every type of business, supporting millions of people for over ten years and it’s called Quick Base.
QuickBase is the perfect answer if you are looking to build collaborative applications conveniently, without being overwhelmed by enterprise-level features UNTIL your company grows and actually requires them.

At a very high level, QuickBase is a type of software classified as a platform. What is a platform? It is a robust set of tools that let’s business people design and even build their own cloud based apps. A platform gives you everything you need out of the box to build whatever you want. Best of all you don’t need any advanced coding skills to build apps of all shapes and sizes. Think of Quick Base as a layered cake. All the core layers you need are prebuilt and all you do is design and add the icing on top!

Quick Base is not one app, just like Excel is not one spreadsheet. It can start with one tool for one department and grow to support an entire corporation. Note: the best platform software, like Quick Base, will allow advanced coders to create even more robust automations and custom interfaces to enhance what you can do with code, but it is really not needed until you are ready for those advanced level features. The bottom line is that all this allows regular team members (who like to be called citizen developers) to easily use QuickBase and build their own applications based upon their deep understanding of their needs.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the capabilities of QuickBase. At the heart of it is a cloud based database that lets Everyone share the same information, what we like to call “one version of the truth”. By itself this is transformational to most teams. On top of that database you layer in data webforms for team members that need to input information, then you can create custom workflows, save shared documents, assign people tasks, keep shared lists of customers and cap it all off with reports that are generated in real-time at the click of a mouse. The result? A transformational increase the productivity and job satisfaction of your team.

Over the past decade, QuickBase has quickly been able to scale its user base because the platform is fairly priced and very user-friendly. We’re also big on sharing information, which is why we’ve helped our robust user community grow and give them the means to share expertise and solutions with other members.

Is it hard to get started? No. You can start a free trial today by simply following this link With a solid network of QuickBase Solution Partners like MCFTech, who help onboard companies, train citizen builders and handle any advanced technical issues, the expansion of this revolutionary tech is accelerating like never before.
Does the size of your organization matter? Not really. From multi-national corporations, working accross the globe and using hundreds of applications simultaneously, to smaller start-ups and businesses who operate from a single location and application, QuickBase scales to meet any size. In fact QuickBase is currently being used by over half of the fortune 500 and thousands of progressive small business. In fact in a recent forrester study, companies using Quick Base have outpaced their competition significantly.

After I build an app what if it’s not exactly right? With requirements and workflows changing, QuickBase can be modified to match those requirements. Whether it’s the terms of the project being undertaken the location of the team, or anything in between …

QuickBase’s flexibility stands aparte!.


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