Batch loader Tool

Simplify your migration to QuickBase with the MCFTech Batch Loader

If you’re switching to QuickBase from an antiquated system or application, the MCFTech Batch Loader can make your transition easier. Take files stored in your old systems or applications and upload them to QuickBase in batches to reduce your transition time. Advanced logic can be applied to make sure your files end up in the right place inside QuickBase.


Discover the Features

QuickBase natively supports individual file uploads, which can make transitioning time consuming. Speed up your transition with the MCFTech Batch Loader.

  • Save time by uploading or downloading batches of files, not individual files one at a time
  • Apply advanced logic to tie files to individual records in QuickBase based on the file name and/or location
  • Can be used with Windows Task Scheduling to run batches on a schedule of your choosing


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Realize the Benefits

Make your transition to QuickBase as quick as possible and experience the following benefits

  • Reduce time required to transition to QuickBase from legacy systems
  • Eliminate the confusion of file management┬áby tying file names to records in QuickBase
  • Tool may be used on an on-going basis for batch file upload or download