Quickbase Pricing Demystified

Quickbase Pricing Demystified

Quickbase is a fantastic platform worth it’s weight in gold. With the ability to improve almost any business process, from Sales to Delivery and Collections, it can truly deliver a performance boost to almost any function of any size business.

Now, people often question this statement… that Quickbase can help any business by improving their processes. The short answer is it absolutely can!

The next question is usually, well that sounds great but how much does it cost?

Quickbase’s pricing is pretty straight forward until you want to expand your capabilities beyond the standard offering (note: some people never do this and get great value from the native capabilities) like using a more robust API that delivers more efficiency or a better user experience (UX), or integrate entire workflows.

At the base level, you pay a set fee per user. This comes in three basic flavors:

  • Premier at $25/user/mo.
  • Platform at $40/user/mo –
    • Update Jan 2019: this is no longer advertised as a per user rate on the website which allows even more flexibility for Quickbase to tailor deals to client’s needs.
  • And Enterprise, which is always negotiated with the sales team due to many variables.

Additionally, some businesses have special needs and Quickbase caters to those through add-on packages. There are three major sub-categories in the pricing:

  • Data space.
  • File attachment space.
  • And API calls when doing a lot of integrations, or special user interfaces, etc.

These three capabilities come with a standard platform packages, but some businesses require a higher monthly volume. Quickbase does offer a generous amount with its standard packages, so 9 times out of 10, needing more is not an issue.

If you have a ton of data or file attachments in your process OR you are going to be doing a lot of integrations outside of Quickbase to other systems, the Platform plan might be the right fit for your business as you get 10X the API capacity vs the Premier type account. Make sure you read up on the Platform plan option.

Platform costs a bit more per user, but you also receive other benefits such as better support, audit logging capability, single sign-on support, more robust identity and security management, etc.  Feel free to take a better look here.  (You can also buy add on packs of data, file attachment or API for a monthly fee, so if you just need a little bit more… that might be your best option.)

Next, let’s explore some of the more “mysterious” sounding options, which are designed to flexibly support use cases where the standard offering does meet your requirements:

  • Limited user pricing for when you have a big group of users who only need to use a single app.
  • Portal user pricing for when your users need a special user interface, use mobile only, or they will use the system very infrequently.
  • Enterprise pricing provides unlimited apps and other perks which is fantastic for larger companies that really want to GO BIG or committed smaller businesses that want a great Enterprise deal which can be a great value under the right circumstances.

The pricing for these options varies and need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis, so it’s best to contact a Gold level Quickbase Solution Provider (QSP) professional services organization, like MCFTech , to fully explore them. They can bring in an appropriate account executive who can evaluate the situation and get approval for special pricing if it makes sense.

That covers 99% of the use cases out there, so pick the pricing that is right for you and get started driving real productivity and collaboration for yourteam, like so many other businesses worldwide have done.  There are of course other rare use cases, but Quickbase is open to working it out within reason, so again just contact a professional Quickbase Solution Provider and get the help you need.

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