Project Management, Lessons From the Trenches: The Common Goal

You have your plan, you have a fair idea of what’s ahead and now you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get the project delivered.

 Now the hard part of project management…

Getting all the pieces to work together and get the project completed! Easy right?

No… You need a team!

The Project Team

“The Project Team is the group responsible for planning and executing the project. It consists of a Project Manager and a variable number of Project Team members, who are brought in to deliver their tasks according to the project schedule.” (Read more about Project Roles and Responsibilities here)

So, the Project Manager is more like the public face of the team. You have a problem? You go to the Project Manager. You need something, you go harass the Project Manager. Something is late? You hammer the Project Manager with a dozen emails in one day.

What is the Project Manager doing? Why are they taking longer than 10 minutes to answer the 7 emails I just sent to them in the last 10 minutes? (Ok, ok, slight exaggeration…) They are taking those emails and working with the Project Team to get you the answers you need.

The Project Manager isn’t the architect, the technical lead, the developer, the technical writer, the billing department OR software support. They can’t and won’t be able to answer every question that hits their inbox or ear. BUT, they know who to get those answers from.

When the right team is put together, WOW! Amazing things can happen. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with a number of GREAT Project Teams, I’ve seen them deal with some of the messiest challenges imaginable and turn them around. I’ve watched a group of strangers at the beginning of a project barely know how to talk to each other and yet by the end of the project there’s a COMPLETE turn around, you can’t shut them up!. Why?

 Common Goal

I’ve seen clients at the beginning of a project have no idea what they want and then watch as their concept moves into a reality, where they have become so engaged that they have felt like they are part of the family. Why? Common Goal

Project Management Common Goal

THAT is one of the greatest feel good factors for me as a Project Manager. :-)

Watching a concept go from a seed to a fully blown, fully blooming Apple Tree!

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