Quickbase s3 sync

Allows users with high document storage needs to post documents to Amazon S3 directly from Quickbase

If the native document and file storage offered by Quickbase isn’t adequate for your business, MCFTech can help you leverage the power of Amazon S3. Maintain the same user experience inside Quickbase, but set up a file structure in Amazon S3 and automatically upload documents directly from Quickbase.


Discover the Features

Document management the way you want

  • No new processes to learn for your users as the experience is kept the same
  • When a document or file is uploaded, the MCFTech S3 Sync tool works behind the scenes to send the document to your S3 account
  • Set up your own file structure to manage documents and files in a way that works best for you


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Realize the Benefits

Utilizing Amazon S3 to augment Quickbase will help you and your team realize multiple benefits

  • Save money with Amazon S3 affordable storage capacity increases
  • Ensure user happiness as the end experience inside Quickbase does not change
  • Always find what you need with a file structure that makes sense for your business