Advanced Reminder

Quickbase reminders on your terms with customized reminder triggers, emails and schedules

Quickbase reminders

Enhance your Quickbase reminders with the MCFTech Advanced Reminder Tool. This tool gives you full control of native Quickbase reminders which can currently only been sent via email once per day in the morning. The Advanced Reminder tool allows you to use HTML to neatly format your emails and even control what actions trigger reminders, and how often they’re sent.


Enhance native Quickbase reminders

Discover the Features

Easily enhance native Quickbase reminders with our full-featured tool

  • Customize notification emails with freeform HTML to include your company’s branding, color scheme, logos, and more
  • Control frequency of reminders and easily set your schedule
  • Set reminders to go out based on individual records

Learn how our Email Processor Tool can automatically perform actions inside Quickbase based on inbound emails

The Use Cases

The Advanced Reminder Tool supports common use cases and can also be configured to support your unique needs

  • Remind a Sales Representative they have a task that is late
  • Remind an Inventory Clerk that they have a scheduled inventory coming up
  • Alert a Project Manager to overdue deliverables
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