Modernize your business with no code or low code platforms

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Take Your Business Product From Idea to Release With No Code or Low Code Platforms


Application development has changed drastically over the last five years. Products that took months to code before can now be developed in a matter of days. How? With the help of low code and no code platforms. While coding an application from scratch is still a viable method for development, it takes a tremendous amount of time and requires proficient coding knowledge and skill.

For business owners who are experts at coding, this may work fine, but most business owners hire developers with the required skills to develop the application. This creates a dependency and also reduces the transparency of the product for the business owner, since they are not involved in the development process.

Low code and no code platforms, like quick base, for example, bring businesses and tech teams together by removing the prerequisite of coding knowledge. Users with little to no technical skills can understand and use these tools. This allows business owners to implement their ideas, create apps, and modify apps themselves, or hire a developer and still be involved in the development process from start to finish.


What Are Low Code And No Code Platforms


A no code platform provides the user with a visual development environment to build a product. The user interacts with the graphical interface while the platform translates it into code for the user, eliminating any need for manual coding. Think of a drag and drop environment where you, as a user, can create a CTA button or slider simply by dragging it from the widgets panel onto the application.

Low code platforms are similar, but they also allow the user to add code to the application or modify the source code. No code platforms limit the user in terms of availability, which is usually enough. But users who require more control can further personalize their application with low code platforms.


How Quickbase Solutions Modernize Business Processes


Tools like Quickbase, blur the line between business and IT and greatly streamline business processes. The modern business landscape is volatile and constantly changing, and businesses need to adapt accordingly. Applications need to be modeled around customers’ needs or user demands and also need to scale with the business. Low code and no code platforms give modern businesses an edge.

Flexible – Making minor and major changes with low code and no code platforms is extremely easy, giving businesses the flexibility to add or modify features or components as needed.

Scalable – Visual modeling tools allow users to drag-and-drop elements to build an application which drastically reduces development time. This allows businesses, looking to scale the app, to add features or sections quickly, enabling faster scalability.

Visual and Intuitive – Users can see the end result in real-time as they use the visual app builder. This makes it easy for non-tech users to learn and implement.


The Benefits of No Code/Low Code Platforms for Businesses


Efficient – Learning, developing, and releasing products is quick and easy on these platforms, allowing business owners to go from idea to market fast.

Cost-effective – Low and No code platforms cost much less as compared to hiring teams of developers to build a product.

Better communication – By allowing business owners to be a part of the development process, these platforms make communication between business and IT more transparent and fruitful.

Reduces business complexity – Scaling and/or adapting to change can be done quickly with superior results.


Looking to Improve Business Processes With Quickbase? MCF Technology Solutions Can Help


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