JavaScript Insertion Sunset

Quickbase and JavaScript Sunset Challenges

JavaScript is the most popular programming language for all things on the internet (“the cloud”).  For years developers have found creative ways to insert it into various elements within Quickbase, such as: buttons, images, banners, and rich text fields to provide helpful tweaks to the native Quickbase user experience (UX)

While JavaScript Insertion (JSI) has been a super useful technique within the Quickbase community for years, it has always been unsupported by Quickbase, and it could pose a security risk that IT professionals recognize must be eliminated.

Since it does impact the user’s experience, its removal could be seen as a loss of productivity or functionality. Fortunately, Quickbase is grandfathering older cases so there is no need to panic. Although, because it will no longer be supported (no edits or new use) it is also important to begin replacing it as soon as you can.

For more insights into the use of JavaScript insertion in Quickbase, please watch a short video on the topic:
What is JavaScript Insertion in Quickbase?

How Can We Help? 

There is a ton of great self-help and advice from Quickbase; however, JavaScript Insertion can get really technical, so it’s not a bad idea to have a professional builder alongside to help you convert to more secure and supported methods. For nearly 13 years MCFTech has been building some of the most advanced Quickbase Apps in the world. We not only have over 20 Certified Quickbase Experts on staff but we also have over a dozen coders, all experts in JavaScript. This experience and deep technical acumen helps us understand the best options to help our clients minimize the impact to their end users while accelerating compliance with best security practices. From simple to complex, MCFTech has a ton of ways to help you, including the following:

  • Using URL “magic buttons” to control the users flow
  • Developing new compliant JavaScript programming
  • Using DB pages to directly host needed JavaScript
  • Full Custom App Branding, Style and Colors
  • Multi-language translation
  • Using Pipelines and Webhooks to automate actions
  • Creating complete custom User Interfaces / Forms
  • Providing Browser Extensions to directly replace JSI
  • Embedding special Form elements
  • Advanced logging of Admin functions, etc.

Contact us today to see how much a Gold Level Quickbase partner can help you not only replace your JSI but also help you take your apps to the next level.