MCFTech is Helping Companies Go Virtual for COVID-19

Work from Home During Covid-19 Using Qucik Base

Coronavirus Is Changing How People Need To Work

Like just about everybody in America, you were probably caught off guard by the Coronavirus pandemic. Unessential retailers, tourist locations, and others simply can’t function with the business shutdowns. Meanwhile, many organizations need to continue working and shift their workforce efficiently to a work at home environment.


The Challenges Transitioning To Work From Home

The shift to remote work can introduce many unique difficulties, which even for well-prepared organizations, may have come as unforeseen challenges. Even companies, supportive of work-from-home practices, may not be fully prepared for the reasons below.


  • The Not Yet Paperless Challenge

Many organizations still rely on paper processes and in-person meetings to get work done. This can include filling out paper forms and documents, printing documents and in-person planning meetings that aren’t well designed for a virtual process.


  • The Incomplete Process Challenge

Other companies might have the systems and processes in place to work virtually, but still have critical gaps that are filled by in-person collaboration. If there are work steps that could be performed digitally and are still being handled ‘outside the system’ your process has gaps.


  • The Lack Of Digital Accountability Challenge

Finally, many companies have evolved to the point where they have fairly complete digital systems and processes yet still rely on personal contact to assure accountability and deliverability of work. If your tools don’t report work performance you may start seeing issues.


The current Pandemic is going to end eventually, yet we can never know when similar work disruptions may occur. Let’s use this learning time to be better prepared for flexible work environments in the future and reap the dividends down the road. Going paperless, assuring you have complete virtual processes and digitally driven accountability will give you a leg up now and long after COVID-19 gets under control.


We Know A Few Things About Working Virtually


Digital, Global And 24×7

One of our early projects as a company was commissioned by Oracle to help solve their Global Revenue Recognition challenges. We were tasked with helping achieve three key goals: implement a 100% paperless process, support teams around the globe in Central America, the United States, Japan, and China, enable access and process operations 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Oracle implemented this project more than 10 years ago and has been using and improving it ever since. Their Global Revenue Operations team won’t miss a beat during this pandemic because they have a system and toolset that is digital, contains all required information and tracks accountability of all participants.


We Drink Our Own Kool-Aid

What’s more, MCFTech operates a completely virtual company itself. In fact, we were recognized by Forbes recently on a shortlist of truly virtual companies.


We’ve implemented Quickbase to drive all of our internal processes from project management to CRM, billing and accounting functions.


Go Virtual & Support Remote Workers Now

So what would your business look like with a fully-implemented virtual work system?


You’d be able to support a completely seamless experience whether people are in or out of the office.


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Get The Right Tool For Remote Work Collaboration


Are your systems delivering the efficiency you need to keep up with the work from home transition?


Quickbase delivers the ultimate toolset to quickly create data-driven online processes, and can easily support and enhance your work-from-home requirements.


Using Quickbase as your core operations process tool can give you:


  • Visibility into work progress


  • Accountability for each team member for their assignments


  • Clarity about what and how work needs to be done


If you aren’t feeling confident today about the who, what and when of your team’s work Quickbase can help.


Quickbase can provide the backbone for your remote work environment by enabling access to all of the data, contents, and processes needed to run your business virtually.


You’ll have a single system that can operate and manage your department, division or in some cases your entire business.


How MCFTech Can Help


Our team experts at MCFTech will quickly assess the current state of your business processes, and then design a virtual solution based on proven methodologies that allow your teams to deliver work from anywhere on the planet.


Once we’ve outlined a potential solution, we can help you leverage Quickbase and rapid development frameworks to build the end state application you need.


Once you have your solution in place, we’ll help on-board and train staff so that the system supports all work requirements, management reporting, and work accountability.


MCFTech will support and coach you so that your systems are properly implemented while providing long term support, assuring your virtual tools deliver the value and efficiency you need.


MCFTech is the top Quickbase solution provider and highly experienced at creating online work systems for global companies.


We’ll help you collaborate across countries, organizations, and virtual work teams on any corner of the planet.


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Get Started Today To Support Remote Work


If you have Quickbase today and need help to enhance your deployment to provide a comprehensive virtual solution, let’s chat.


Perhaps other departments in your company need tools to support their remote workers. We’d love to have the opportunity to speak with them, help them understand the value that you are getting from Quickbase today, and evaluate options for them to get up and running quickly.


Do you know of other companies or business partners that would benefit from the powerful capabilities of Quickbase to resolve the chaos ensuing as a result of their shift to home-based work?


Right now, Quickbase is offering free applications and licenses to help organizations adjust to COVID-19:


Free access to create and use COVID-19 solutions through September 30th

Templates for the most common emergency response applications Expert onboarding, support, community resources and additional tools for customers free-solutions-and-expertise-to-help-organizations-deal-with-covid- 19-disruption


What’s more, for the first 50 inquiries, MCFTech will provide a free virtual process assessment to help you understand how Quickbase can serve as your virtual work-from-home support solution


Let us help you and quickly and efficiently adapt to the pandemic and be ready for the future.




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