Getting Back to Work during COVID-19 Transition with Quickbase

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Naturally, you’re nervous and excited because your State is moving rapidly to open up for business and relax COVID-19 lockdown restrictions … and you’re probably full of questions about how to safely and effectively handle Getting Back to Work.


If thoughts like these are running through your head, you’re not alone:

  • How can I ensure the health and safety of employees of my employees and make them feel confident about returning to work?
  • What safeguards do we need to consider before people entering the facilities, drive vehicles, or use equipment?
  • How can I track relevant and timely health information?
  • How do I stay compliant with federal, state, and local orders?
  • How do I track cleaning procedures, PPE, or other resources needed for a safe work environment?
  • If there has been an incident or new infection how do I track and notify employees and other relevant parties?
  • How can support employees in all work environments who could be continuing to work from home, or returning to the office?
  • How do I manage schedules, cubicles, or office space?
  • How do I track shifts to ensure we aren’t crowding elevators or other common work areas?
  • What is my plan for my team or business for returning to work?

Getting back to work presents unique challenges and opportunities.  Many of these so-called “New Normal” processes need the right information tools to support effective implementation.  Right now, you don’t have time to waste with months-long projects, you need to get focused and get productive quickly.

Fortunately, Quickbase can meet those new demands head-on by giving you the platform to rapidly implement simple, intuitive cloud-based applications to support your new requirements.   With Quickbase you can easily stand up new applications, roll them out, and then rapidly refine them as the needs shift or change.

The Quickbase platform offers low/no-code capabilities to build information-driven applications with an easy to use interface and powerful features.  Applications built to your exact business requirements can be configured and deploy in weeks or days as opposed to months or years.

Here are just a few examples of the kinds of applications you might need and can build or deploy from templates:

  • Monitor employee wellness & customize schedules to ensure safe coverage for essential operations
  • Ensure a safe environment & manage costs by monitoring protocols for disinfecting buildings & assets
  • Support ongoing health of your teams by managing PPE distribution/usage for social distancing
  • Protect employees by training and tracking hygiene practices, safety protocols, & emergency response
  • Manage new and emerging workflows to get your teams safely back to the new work environment
  • Daily Health Surveys to proactively monitor and react to associates with COVID 19 symptoms
  • Cleaning schedules and tracking for the increased sanitation needs of business everywhere.
  • Equipment and PPE tracking, not just for healthcare, but for any industry with close customer or associate contact.
  • Contact Tracing when and if someone does come in direct contact or contracts COVID 19 themselves – who else have they been close to recently, timely capture and reaction are critical to reducing the negative impacts

Not convinced you need Quickbase to Get Back to Work quickly?  Here’s how some companies are already doing just that.



One of the world’s largest delivery services companies uses Quickbase to track COVID-19 cases among employees, to easily identify other employees who may have been exposed and determine if facilities need to close based on this information. The company was able to start tracking the situation and data within the first few days of starting to build the app. These insights are provided to executives to better understand employee wellness and the related business impact of illness and closures.

One of the world’s largest telecom companies is developing an application on Quickbase to track temperatures of all employees and workers at their locations, helping to ensure everyone’s safety


Don’t spend the next days and weeks losing sleep and worrying about how you can get organized and quickly get the tools you need to support your COVID-19 Back to Work Plans.

How much more confident will you feel when you know you can comfortably tackle your biggest challenges?

  • Gain real-time insight into your employee’s status/wellness (Operations and workflows)
  • Take data captured in multiple places and connect it to disparate information you are tracking on your employees.
  • Make changes to your applications on the fly as new guidelines or requirements come from State & Local governments
  • Enhance existing workflows to support the need for reduced staff contact and remote workers


MCFTech will help you learn how Quickbase can deliver rapid, flexible information solutions to tackle your COVID-19 Back To Work needs.

Ready to get moving?

Just reach out and we’ll arrange a Demonstration of how to easily build and deploy custom Quickbase applications and show you templates for solving common COVID-19 use cases that can be deployed in just minutes.




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