Success Stories

We don’t like to brag….well, maybe a little. View our success stories and filter by your business need or industry.


Case Study for STC Traffic

Quickbase and QuickBooks Integration using MCFTech’s Custom Points of Integration


Compare Tool

MCFTech leverages Quickbase and a custom user-interface to develop a solutions that allows the business to compare effectiveness of sales campaigns

Engineering Firm Workflow Process Tracking

Using Quickbase, MCFTech created a cloud-based, CORE Workflow Tracking solution. The CORE solution included core functionality common to all teams.

TK000988-Case Study Feature Image-Utility Provider

Large Utility Provider

Discover how a large utility provider connected a SQL database and Quickbase to leverage the reporting power of Quickbase


Financial Management

Learn how a multinational manufacturer of household items and prescription drugs uses Quickbase and a custom user-interface to manage expenses


Fresenius Medical Care

Discover how Fresenius uses Quickbase to manage the development, renovation, or relocation of their large Medical Centers.

TK000987-Case Study Feature Image-Global Retailer

Global Retailer

Discover how an international retailer with over 3,000 stores leverages Quickbase for all new store construction and project management.


L’Oreal Redken

Redken replaces a legacy system with Intalio | Create to streamline their educational course request, approval, and tracking system.

TK000989-Case Study Feature Image-NCR


Discover how National Cash Register (NCR) utilizes Quickbase and the MCFTech Scheduler for resource scheduling.

Pipeline Project Management-International Retailer

An international retailer with over 8000 stores in 32 countries needed to more effectively manage their pipeline of new stores.


Rain Bird Competitive Data Collection

Quickbase Mobile application for field collection of competitive sales data

Flat Seamless Pattern With Medicine Icons

Sturgeon Electric

Learn how Sturgeon Electric was able to capture and log signatures against a job record as well upload photos from a cell phone to be displayed directly in Quickbase.


Summit Retail Solutions

Learn how Summit Retail Solutions reduced shrink between $50,000 – $100,000 in one year via Quickbase and a custom web portal.


Summit Retail Solutions – RFID

In collaboration with Summit Retail Solutions, MCFTech developed a RFID solution (radio frequency identification) that would leverage Summits existing custom-built web portal


TL Transportation Quickbase GeoTab Integration

Discover how MCFTech developed a custom integration between Geotab and Quickbase

TK000986-Case Study Feature Image-Tui Lifestyle

Tui Lifestyle

Tui Lifestyle simplifies a complex quoting process and expands their solution to include inventory management and mobile capabilities.


Facilities Management

A Quickbase application and custom web portal allow a facilities management company to manage clients and vendors.


Vology selected MCF Technology Solutions (“MCFTech”) to help take their Quickbase application to the next level. MCFTech first conducted virtual discovery sessions with key Vology stakeholders to understand their unique business processes and the specific requirements for the project.