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New improved website to serve you better

July 2015--Over the years, MCFTech has matured into a full-service technology company. It’s time our website reflects that. Debuting later this summer, the new MCFTech website ( will provide visitors a more complete picture of our technology and service offerings, an introduction to the new MCFTech partner network, and a clean, modern design helping you find what you need quicker than ever before.

Protecting your business critical data

SOC 2 Certification for MCFTech gives you additional peace of mind

June 2015--Who do you trust your business critical data too? If it’s MCFTech, you’re in good hands. In an effort to continually evaluate industry best-practices to serve our clients, MCFTech has obtained SOC 2 for Service Organizations certification. This certification is obtained after a rigorous audit by an independent firm, confirming the infrastructure, people, and processes at MCFTech all meet industry best-practices. With a dedicated infrastructure and engineering team, we continuously evaluate and implement new security standards.

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Quick Base productivity hacks & shortcuts

Self-manage your Quick Base applications with tips and tricks from our experts

June 2015--The ease of use and ability to self-manage applications are some of the many factors that draw people to Quick Base for their Business Process Applications. However, taking your application to the next level often requires the expertise of a partner like MCFTech. For those who want to self-manage, one of our Application Architects, Ken Lin, has written an easy to skim list of tips, tricks, and shortcuts to help you get the most out of your Quick Base application. Click below to learn about reducing UI clutter, making your formulas easier to read, and much more.

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Send contracts, project plans, and any other document imaginable with the power of MCFTech’s Template Builder tool. Build out your document templates in Microsoft Word using the Template Builder’s add-on, and easily drag n’ drop fields, tables, reports and more into the template.

When your document is ready to send, a few clicks will populate the document with Quick Base data and allow you to review the document, or send it directly to it’s destination using your email address.



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