Quick Tips & Resources to Jump Start your learning curve developing Quickbase applications

Tips and Resources To Start learning Quickbase Applications


If you’re relatively new to Quickbase and need to develop an application to solve a business need getting started can be a bit daunting.

As a top Quickbase solution provider, MCF Technology Solutions (MCFTech) has trained more than 87 of our own developers and help many clients succeed.  Whenever we have a newbie on board, we always start by having them develop a simple application that meets a basic business requirement.  It’s a great way to test out the basics before you develop something that needs to be used by others.  Over the years our new team members have built applications to track their wine collections, manage their queue of dates, and coordinate church activities. In addition to this number one piece of advice, building a personal test application, here are some resources to help you quickly accelerate your learning curve.

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Get help from the Quickbase sales team

While Quickbase doesn’t specifically offer training or professional services, their sales team has deep expertise in the platform and can usually help most clients get started with some inside tips.  Make sure you tap into this resource during the selling process, or even afterward, as long as they’re willing to help.  You most likely won’t get advanced assistance however you’ll get a lot of great advice on the basics.

Leverage the online resources provided by Quickbase

Quickbase has really upped the game recently to help clients with the Quickbase University Online Help Manuals and Community Forum.

The Quickbase university provides a wealth of videos covering most basic and intermediate topics to help you get started.  if you have the bandwidth we recommend going through as many videos as you can step by step to get familiar with the application navigation and basic development capabilities.

The other essential tool when getting started is the Help Center.  It’s a great idea to keep the Help Center open while you’re building your application and anytime you get stuck just jump to the manual search for the topic at hand and most often you’ll find the answer.

Most useful section: “Creating and customizing apps”


Two especially valuable tools found in the manual, which you might want to bookmark are:

The Formula Reference: https://login.quickbase.com/db/6ewwzuuj?a=td

The API Guide: https://help.quickbase.com/api-guide/understandreference.html

If you get stuck and can’t find the answer in a video or manual you can always use the community.  You’ll notice that the forum is fairly active so don’t be hesitant to post your questions you have and you’ll likely get answers fairly quickly.


You can also search the Community and often find answers to specific challenges and examples of solutions or advanced capabilities such as API code snippets.

While most Quickbase solution providers offer various forms of training many of them are not oriented towards small engagements, so you’ll need to feel out the capabilities of the partners and develop a relationship with one that can best suit your needs.

For example, MCFTech has developed specific training materials related to security and application governance that you won’t find in the standard Quickbase provided materials, which can be highly valuable for larger deployments.

Some of the smaller solution providers such as the Quickbase Coach (http://www.quickbasecoach.com/) may offer hourly or smaller engagements to provide Hands-On assistance that you won’t easily find from larger solution providers.

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Third-party training options and resources

Some additional training courses and resources can be found as well.

O’Reilly as published a Manual for Quickbase which can help with many of the basics, even though it may not be fully up-to-date with the most recent features due to the rapid development of the platform.

There’s also and an online training course here that was developed by a partner, Code Armada, which may as well be helpful. Finally, the Quickbase Junkie provides targeted training courses for a fee to help with specific advanced Quickbase capabilities that could be useful for taking your application to a deeper level.


Summing it all up Hopefully, the information provided above has given you the confidence to advance your development curve.  We know getting started with any new technology can be daunting.  Our best advice is to dive in and start clicking, follow the videos, build test applications until you get a feel for all the basic features, building tables, fields, forms, relationships, reports, security roles, formulas, etc.  Once you see your ideas taking form as functional applications you’ll be ready to dive in further.

If you get stuck and can’t figure it out from all the resources above don’t hesitate to reach out to us at MCFTech and we’ll do everything we can to get you on the right path.