How Smart Inventory Management Enhances the Retail Product Demo Experience

Executing product demos for big box retailers entail many moving parts involving many SKUs of inventory. Different SKUs are transported from multiple sources to many different event destinations. The logistical overhead involved can be extensive, to say the least.

The problem compounds further when the scale of product demo reaches multiple locations and concurrent events. This leads to coordination problems with on-site sales reps and issues with inventory and material deliveries to the event organizers.

This is exactly where a custom inventory management system comes in handy.

Inventory Management

Why choose a custom, platform-based, real-time inventory management system?

An inventory management system improves the overall experience around product demos with up-to-date and easily available information. It seeks to reduce inventory issues (overages, shortages) which improves employee confidence and eliminates management time in inventory planning.

This, in turn, saves on inventory shrinkage that can translate to a 5-figure dollar amount. A robust inventory management system provides accurate and visible, real-time reporting across operation providing peace of mind for leadership.

Smart Inventory Management

Benefits of an Inventory Management solution

The Quickbase Inventory Management solution can offer the below advantages for cross-country retail product demos.

1 – Integration

The custom solution can be integrated with a project management and CRM module in Quickbase to simplify the rollout of standard features.  This means creating almost 4/5 of the system was already taken care of, thus reducing time to market. Such a solution can offer a highly robust transnational inventory management with advanced analytics capabilities.

2 – Security

The Quickbase Inventory Management solution ensures secure remote access to allow field staff to work anywhere with integrity and confidentiality. The sales staff only require authenticated access via any web-enabled smart device to track product.

3 – Real Time Information

Quickbase Custom Development delivers real-time and personalized data. This allows each stakeholder to view accurate information about their demos and inventory, including product selling information, incoming orders, and transfers.  This facilitates quick and easy receiving and coordinated planning without a lot of training or extra administration.

4 – Holistic KPIs and Decision Tools

Because of the distributed data entry feeding into a centralized system in real-time, decision-makers and managers now have the ability to monitor inventory, transfers, and exceptions to make quick decisions.  Access to this holistic data allows for optimized resource assignments and reduces the amount of inventory that is inefficiently transferred or wasted.


To sign off

The advantages would be aptly highlighted in Quickbase Case Studies developed by solution providers. These case studies would depict that the solution provides timely and accurate data to reconcile inventory, cutting shrinkage by as much as 70%. Such providers would emerge as a great choice for getting your own Quickbase Custom Solutions.