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Manage and Coordinate Projects, Phases, and Tasks Visually with MCFTech’s Gantt for QuickBase


MCFTech helps you manage projects more efficiently and more visually with our Gantt Tool.

The inherent efficiencies of QuickBase are multiplied. The Gantt Tool is robust and full-featured. It is designed to improve project management by making tasks, status and resources more visual.

Changes to Gantt charts are synchronized across QuickBase applications. The tool can be used for multiple projects, and each can be highly customized based on project needs.

Data can be automatically written back to QuickBase as you make changes in the Gantt chart, making the process truly seamless. Or, you can choose to queue changes made in the Gantt and push them to QuickBase when all changes have been made and approved.

Easy Drag & Drop

Extend deadlines, add dependencies and re-order priorities with a simple drag and drop of your mouse. Hover over an item to show progress details.


Add Phases and Tasks Quickly

Set up key project phases and use the Gantt tool to add, change or remove subtasks. Changes made in the Gantt can be pushed automatically or on-demand to your QuickBase application for updating.


Your Projects. Your View.

Determine the view and amount of detail that works for you. Prefer to see long-term or zoom to fit all detail in a screen? It’s simple with the Gantt tool from MCFTech.