Empower Yourself to Think Bigger

MCF Tech is a technology and professional services firm that specializes in maximizing the value and satisfaction our customers get from their Quickbase investments.  With over ten years of both Quickbase development and traditional programming expertise, we pride ourselves as being the best-of-the-best, always pushing the envelope and pioneering new ways to help our hundreds of customers realize their full potential.   In addition to our industry topping number of certified Quickbase and full-stack developers, our business analysts and project managers are equally important ingredients to ensure a great customer experience and what we like to call “total project success”.  Our main offices are in Cleveland, Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie, but you can find our talented associates in seven states and six countries across the globe.

As one of the two Titanium sponsors at this year’s conference, we are very excited about helping attendees get the most out of the truly unique opportunity that is EMPOWER2017.   MCF Tech’s theme this year is “THINK BIGGER.” It is a time for us all to come together and expand our knowledge, imagine new solutions and look beyond tactical solutions to achieve bigger results.  With so much creativity and brainpower focused on helping Quickbase users succeed, it is an event not to be missed.  With all that in mind we can’t wait for attendees to visit our booth in the Exhibit Hall.  There you can meet our team face to face and get personal demos that showcase all the hottest new capabilities.  Here are just some examples of what you will see:

  • The first full language translation add-on for Quickbase including data entry fields
  • The only Microsoft Word add-on that lets you create customized templates for Quickbase data
  • The first fully bi-directional QuickBooks and QBOL integration for Quickbase.
  • The first advanced logging tool to keep track of almost everything done in your App.
  • The first mobile photo capture tool to ingest photos to Quickbase directly from your phone
  • The first full featured shipping integration with FedEx and UPS
  • Zapier and Workato based integrations with real comparisons
  • How to use RFID technology with Quickbase to automate tracking and inventory
  • Hosted User Portals and Mobile apps to help you work in the field effectively
  • Signature Capture, drag and drop file uploads and DocuSign Integration


In addition to the solutions offered at our booth, we are very pleased to offer “Vision Sessions” where you can consult with one of our experts in the comfort of our private room.  These sessions will be centered around helping inform and shape your vision into a workable roadmap, leading to your long-term success.  Attendees will have the opportunity to sign up for these valuable sessions at our booth.


So why are we passionate advocates of Quickbase? Five simple reasons:

Speed We can build and refine apps at 5-10X the speed of traditional coding – we can be done by the time a big consulting firm can finalize your process diagram


Tailored The whole proposition of Platform as a Service (PaaS) like Quickbase, is that you get all the solid bug free functionality of an off the shelf software, but with none of the compromises, it can work exactly how you want it to and support the unique processes that define your organization’s competitive edge.


Flexible Because it is cloud-based and has a fantastic API, we can truly create even the most complex and demanding customizations to get exactly what you want.  Yes, there is that wish list again.


Lean Quickbase provides instant collaboration with what we like to call “one version of the truth” – this core value helps drive efficiency, productivity, accuracy and accountability when properly applied.


Value It’s so fast to develop, delivers exactly what you need, and drives operational efficiency, the ROI is crazy good


We are also hosting a Breakout session, entitled: Advanced Project Management–Unifying Processes to Maximize Value.  Here you will see real-life examples of how companies leverage Quickbase to unify several key processes around a strong Project Management core to include:

  • Advanced Dependencies & Gantt Charting
  • Advanced Resource Scheduling and Capacity Management
  • Integrated Budget Management
  • Complex Workflow management
  • Advanced Outputs
  • Branded UI’s

We will highlight key success stories and Project Management best practices. So, come early, ask questions and learn how using the full power of Quickbase can take your business operations to a new level.

Also, visit our demo theater presentation called “Putting it all together” to experience the seamless integration of Quickbase, Microsoft Word and DocuSign. Let us show you how to achieve the ultimate in efficiency and speed when you combine add-ons to your advantage.  Patriot Financing is a great example, cutting their loan acquisition time by 75%.



In closing, we could not be more excited about EMPOWER 2017.  We look forward to seeing you and exploring all the ways we can turn your vision into reality.  You’ve never seen Quickbase quite like this!